Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pollack Roe Bibimbap

Experimenting with the idea of bibimbap in a different version using seafood such as Hwe Dup Bap aka sushi bowl, I decided to use Korean salted seafood. Salted seafood is one of the most traditional foods in Korea, which has been very dominant on dinner table in the west and the south side of sea towns in Korea. Above picture shows salted pollack roes. Pollacks are the most frequently used fish in Korean cuisine as none of its part is wasted. Even pollack intestines are used for salting purposes. Pollack roes are very popular in Korea and Japan and they're always in demand. Let's make this dish now by following the simple steps below.

1. Prepare the following ingredients: salted pollack roes, flying fish roe, alfalfa sprouts, mixed veggie, carrot.

When you just get the salted pollack roes, they're usually frozen. Keep in in the refrigirator for a while to defrost it.

2. Now, prepare a bowl of steamed rice.

3. Rinse the veggies and put them on top of your rice.

Along with some alfalfa sprouts and sliced cucumbers and carrots.

4. Put pollack roes on top of everything. As for dressing, you can try the spicy Korean dressing on the sauce section of this site but I believe there is enough salt in the pollack roes if you're using this much shown in the picture below.

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