Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sushi Bowl with Seared Salmon

I was inspired by Bibimbap to create a fusion mixing rice bowl recipe. Although sushi bowls like above exist already, I thought the choice of ingredients and the sauce were unique so I felt I should update the blog with this recipe. Basically the dish will create the flavor of sweet and sour seasoned sushi rice with crunches of main flavor through seared salmons, crab meats, and green vegetables. I think adding clover sprouts also brought out the freshness like a feeling of spring (though this is summer...). I forgot to add thinnly sliced nori on top, but even without them, this bowl has some good flavors.

First the sauce is important to this bowl. I mixed with 3tbsp of soy sauce, 1tsp of corn syrup, 1 tsp of mirin, wasabi, 2tsp of vinegar, and 1tsp of lemon juice.

Breaking the chunk of wasabi into the mix requires some thorough stirring.

Preparation of toppings

1. Cut and slice an avocado into long pieces. Refer to cooking tip section for information on how to cut an avocado.

2. Make crabmeat salad by chopping cooked crabmeat and mixing with some mayo like how used in California rolls.

3. Then cut a fillet of salmon and sear them on a frying pan with olive oil.

First heat the pan for 2 minutes in high heat and throw some olive oil on it.
As the hot surface of the pan sizzles outside the salmon, taking only a minute to cook would give you perfectly seared salmon. You just got to flip them once.

First put some steamed rice in a bowl.

Organize the toppings nicely on your bowl even though you will completely destroy and devour them later.

Also add some clover sprouts and thinnly sliced cucumber with a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top.

And here comes the sauce! 2-3 full spoons of sauce, which is pretty watery will now do the magic. I hope you will enjoy this recipe!

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