Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spicy Cucumber Salad

You probably had this if you had gone to a Korean restaurant before. This is one of the banchans (side dish) that they give you as soon as you sit down and order your food. This is somewhat spicy, sweet and sour. It goes very well with steamed rice and any other Korean food or teriyaki chicken or beef as a side dish. It's very easy to make.

1. Cut up a cucumber. Slice them diagonally so you get long eclipse shaped slices.

Cut the eclipses in half. Then pickle them in salt water for 20 minutes.

Cut very thin slices of a red onion.

Below is all I am going to use.

And also little bit of chopped green onion.

2. Now it's the sauce. It's a typical mix of Korean spicy sauce without the sesame oil. You can still use sesame oil but I thought the flavor of sesame oil hides the fresh and spicy flavor that goes so well with the cucumbers. Mixture contains 1 1/2 tbsp red pepper paste, 1/2 tsp finely minced (or better grated) garlic, 1 tbsp of apple juice, and 1 tbsp corn syrup (or sugar).

3. Pour the sauce over your vegetables and then add the following additional condiments as mixing: toasted sesame seeds, red pepper powders, and 1 tbsp of vinegar.

There is the final product. Enjoy!

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