Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ramyon Bokki


Remember this spicy rice cake dish? I put up the recipe if you click here but that dish was called Ddeokbokki. Ddeok means rice cake and bokki means stir fry. So, looking at the name below, you can guess that this is a stir fry dish made out of ramen. Why called ramyon? I have no idea. (Shout out to Korean food industry: Please standardize your damn spelling!) Sorry about that. So why if bokki just means stir fry, this one looks spicy? Well, the only answer I have to that is that this ramen bokki (also called rabokki) is a variety of the original ddeokbokki. I believe it was probably created by lazy students like myself who have tall towers of ramen packages at home. Ok, enough about the whole language and roots, the flavor of this instant cup noodle dish was really good actually. I was surprised at first how decent it was. It was very clever how they made holes on the top lid so after the noodle cooks with hot water, you can pour it out and add the hot sauce. It's not supposed to be soupy! Remember, it's bokki!

So this one has that dried vege mix as well as the hot sauce.

Put in the vege mix first. Then pour hot water and wait 3 minutes until the noodle is fully cooked.

Now punch these holes by poking with your chop sticks. They are made so that the holes are easily punched in. Then pour out all the hot water inside. The holes help because the cooked vege mix will not come out.

Ok then add the hot sauce and mix it around. Enjoy!
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