Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chal Bibim Myun


I believe the word "Chal" in front of bibim myun stands for a component in sweet rice that makes the rice or whatever that contains it somewhat sticky. When I cooked this noodle, it did seem stickier than other kinds of spicy cold instant noodles called "Bibim men". I swear, these food companies need to standardize their English spelling for Korean food. For example, ramen is called ramyun, or ramein. I mean, how difficult is it to standardize the spelling? Anyways, enough with my rants, I actually thought this Chal bibim myun had more kick to it in the flavor.

Inside the package, there is only one pack of hot sauce, which is super good.

Boil the noodle and rinse it cold.

Pour the sauce over your cold rinsed noodle.
Then mix it around.

Add condiments of your choice. Generally, sliced cucumbers, boiled egg and toasted sesame seeds go great with cold noodle dishes of any kind whether instant or homemade.

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