Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baked File Fish Jerky

Late at night, you want to eat something but you're not really hungry. Or, you're drinking with a friend at home and you don't have anything else for munches except for some lousy pop corns. Try this stuff! This stuff is probably nothing you tried before. Although this is not exactly a typical side dish with a meal like banchan, I still put this under banchan category just because this still is and can be used as a side dish. Anyways, it's very fishy! So, what is file fish? I don't know. But according to my internet image search, this is what it looks like. Ok, now that's weird. Can we eat that? Obvious yes. Geez, I didn't even know it had some weird horn on its head.
Fortunately, you would not need to deal with the ugliness of the fish when you're cooking the jerky because they are all nicely sliced up for you looking like a real jerky. Well it is a jerky. Just bake it on your stove. Flip to the other side after like 6 seconds of cooking one side.

So that's when it's nicely cooked on both sides.

You can cut them up into pieces to make it easier to eat.

And here goes the killer sauce. How about a mix of mayo and sweet and sour red pepper paste (cho gochujang)? You can make it in a separate bowl if you don't have this already made bottle of sweet and spicy red pepper paste. For making the sauce from scratch, use red pepper paste (original), vinegar, sugar, and optionally a touch of 7-up for a little citrus kick to it.


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