Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steamed Spicy Soy Chicken

This Korean steamed spicy soy chicken is called Ahndong Jjimdahk. This is a very traditional dish dating back to Chosun Dynasty. There is a city named Ahndong in Southeastern part of Korea. The city has existed for centuries and it was one of the big cities in Chosun dynasty. In Chosun, hierchical cast system divided societal class between farmers/merchants and noble men called "Sadebu." Ahndong was a segregated region where inside the city wall, wealthy Sadebus lived. At that time Sadebus had superior food culture and recipes which became the backbone of traditional Korean cuisines along with royal cuisines originated from palaces. This steamed spicy soy chicken was cooked for special occasions and usually was served for important guests. This dish is somewhat similar to Dahk Galbi (Korean pan fried spicy chicken barbecue) but what distinguishes this dish is the use of chicken broth with predominant soy sauce base with sweet potato noodles which add a class in presentation and variety of flavor.

1. Prepare the fresh ingredients below: potato, onion, carrot, green onion, Jalapeño, shiitake mushrooms and chicken meat.

2. Boil water (3 cups) in a large pan for boiling chicken meat (roughly amount shown above) and creating chicken stock.

3. Add chicken meat green onions, pinch of salt, and ginger powder.

4. Take the meat out and save the chicken stock which will be added later.

5. Now, you will need to make a sauce using minced 2tsp garlic, pinch of black pepper, 2Tsp oyster sauce, 2 Tsp mirin, 2 Tsp soy sauce, 2 tsp sesame oil, and dried ginger powder.

6. Chop vegetables below including potato, Jalapeños, onion, and carrot.
7. Oil your pan, add all the vegetables and the boiled chicken and lightly stir fry on the pan for 2 minutes. We are adding chicken broth later and will do serious heating so don't worry at this point if the ingredients are not fully cooked.

Add dried red hot chili peppers.

Add the sauce you prepared in step #5.

Add 1 1/2 cup of chicken broth you prepared in step #4.

8. Continue to heat in high heat for 3 minutes and then add sweet potato noodles, onions, and Jalapeños. Stir around and let the noodles cook fully for another 2-3 minutes. The soup will eventually thicken as the noodle is fully cooked.

9. All done.


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