Monday, July 28, 2008

Pan Fried Tofu with Soy Dipping Sauce

Pan fried tofu is commonly found on dinner tables of Korean homes although it is difficult to say that this dish is a Korean dish exclusively because of the popularity of tofu throughout Asia and the simplicity of pan frying tofu. However, together with the dipping sauce below, one can argue that this dish as a whole is a Korean dish. Pan fried tofu is so healthy and delicious, more people should try it at home and replace their heavy and fattening dishes.

1. To make this dipping sauce, use light sodium soy sauce, and water. Use them for 1:1 ratio. Then add thinly minced carrots, green onions, and garlic. Then add vinegar (1 teaspoon for 2 tablespoons of water+soy sauce), sesame oil (same amt as vinegar), and toasted sesame seeds.

2. Ideally, if you can get your hands on hand made tofu at an Asian market, it will be great. These hand made tofu below are really tasty. Slice them into 1/2 inch thick pieces.

3. Oil your pan with olive oil and pan fry them for 2-3 minutes in high before flipping.

Another 1 minute on the other side or until they turn golden.

Now, how easy was that?

Enjoy. Remember, you are what you eat.

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