Saturday, July 5, 2008

Korean Spicy Dressing

Korean spicy dressing aka Yangyumjang is one of the most frequently used dressing for variety of Korean foods. Its blended flavor of some of the most common Korean ingredients with a kick of spice, sourness, sesame, and of course some garlic compliment each other very well. This dressing is used for Bibimbap, Korean spicy cold noodles (although for some, grated pear or apple is also added), and even for some pork or chicken stir fry marinade. This flavor is like a backbone of Korean flavors in most spicy Korean cuisine.

Ingredients: Korean red pepper paste (2 tablespoons), red pepper powder (1 teaspoon), sesame oil (2 teaspoons), sesame seeds (1 teaspoon), apple juice (1 tablespoon), vinegar (1 teaspoon), soy sauce (1 teaspoon), sugar (2 teaspoons), and finely minced garlic (1 teaspoon)

Optional ingredient: Hot mustard
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