Monday, June 9, 2008

Yakisoba with Tofu

There is really nothing quicker and dirtier than stir frying a Yakisoba dish. All you need is Yakisoba noodles, choice of your stir fry vegetables, and tofu. Of course, instead of tofu, you may add chicken or beef.

Cooking with sesame oil will add a good flavor to stir frying Yakisoba.

The reason I cooked carrots first is to make sure the carrots are fully cooked. I really do not like uncooked carrots. In this case, I sliced them thinly so it would cook quickly anyway but if you have thicker pieces, you might want to do this since carrots take a little longer to cook.
Then dump the Yakisoba noodle. It will soften up as you heat it. You want to make sure to keep stirring because this noodle easily sticks on the bottom unless you have vast amount of oil on the bottom.

Flavor with soy sauce, a little more sesame oil, and brown sugar. Or, you can just add sweetened Teriyaki sauce too if you want to make your life easier.
Add the vegetables of your choice. I added mushrooms, red bell peppers, and asparagus.

Then add tofu (firm).

It's done!

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