Monday, June 9, 2008

Chinese Mabo tofu (Instant Sauce)


You probably had Mabo Tofu (also referred as Mapo tofu, or mapa tofu) at a Chinese restaurant. It's a stir fry tofu dish with some spicy sauce and vegetables. Well, there is this instant Mabo tofu sauce which makes it easy to cook, but not that easy because you still have to cook tofu. Well while adding tofu, I thought, "Hmm, since I came this far, why not just add vegetables as well?" In the end, this wasn't instant at all and don't think this is really an instant food. However, the flavor was very good and I recommend this.

I added chili oil to cook the tofu and it goes well with this semi-spicy tofu dish.
Then cook ground beef with chili oil.

Then add mushrooms, and red bell peppers. You can add onions or other stir fry friendly vegetables.

Add the sauce.
Then tofu. Get the "firm" tofu.
I also added snow peas to the mix.

And some chopped green onions.

And it's done!

I put the stuff over a rice and it was quite delicious!

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