Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Samyang Ramen (Instant)


Hi everyone. It has been a busy summer (or I feel lazy) back in my dorm room and for that reason, I find myself eating a lot of instant food. Among which, instant noodles are my favorite and they can taste pretty good if you cook it right. This Samyang Ramen is one of the oldest Korean spicy instant ramen which goes back to, I believe the 60's when my parents were teenagers. I know for a while, this brand got into a trouble for health issues back in the 90's but it's been back on the market for a long time after the short hurdle. This really tastes good. Such a vague description, right? Not only it's spicy, it has a depth to its soup. Well enough said, let's get to the cooking part of it!

1. Inside of the package, you will see the dried noodle and two packages. The red one is the soup powder and the green one is the dried vegetable flakes.

2. Boil the water until it's really boiling to add the noodle. I suggest 3 cups but what I normally end up doing is drain out water after noodle gets a little soft RIGHT BEFORE adding the powders. The amount of water is the key and in a small-medium sized pan below, the water should be enough to barely cover the noodles.

3. Once the noodle is a little bit soft (enough to break its square form), but not completely soft, and the water is adequately drained out, add the vegetable flakes and the soup powder.

4. Add an egg to the soup. I prefer when the yolk is not broken but you can break it and the soup will turn brighter in color and thicker and richer in taste. This one was a twin yolked egg!

5. Also, as a final touch, add chopped green onions and it's ready. Once the water boiled, the whole cooking process should take about 5 minutes or less.

Enjoy! Great side dishes: Kimchi, or Takwan

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