Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chapagetti - Black Bean Noodle (Instant)


Chapaghetti is one of the most famous Korean instant noodles which also goes way back to the 80's or something. The noodle is after Chinese black bean noodle called Chajangmein also called Jjajangmyun in Korea. Jjajangmyun is so popularized just like pizzas in the United States where tens of thousands of deliveries are made daily.

1. Inside the package, there is the dried noodle, packet of vegetable flakes, black bean powder, and olive oil.

2. First, add the noodle to boiling water.

3. Once the noodle is quite soft (after 2-3 minutes), drain out most of the water so that you only have a little bit of water enough to mix the powder around. Turn the heat down to medium.

4. Add the powder, flakes and the olive oil packet.

5. Mix around for another minute and you're done.

Add Takwan to your dish and enjoy!

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