Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bibim Men - Spicy Cold Noodle (Instant)


Bibim men has been my favorite Korean instant noodle since I was in 1st grade of elementary school. This was the smartest idea, I thought to make spicy cold noodle into instant yet I still think it is a good idea. There are many kinds of this instant spicy cold noodles and this is the most generic one. I will add more later.

1. Inside the package, there is the dried noodle and a packet of hot sauce. That's it!

2. After you boil water, add the noodle and boil it until cooked for 2-3 minutes. Don't make it too soft. Keep tasting the noodle and stop cooking when it's still chewy but not hard.

3. Then drain out the water and rinse in cold water. Make sure you stir around and EVERY part is extremely cold before mixing with the sauce.
4. On a mixing bowl, add the sauce and thoroughly mix it around.

5. As a condiment, I sliced some cucumbers. You can also add boiled egg, and sliced nori.

This one looks pretty nice for an instant noodle. Also the taste is exquisite!

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