Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tuna Rolls (Maguro)

Tuna roll is one of the simplest rolls to make because there is only maguro tuna and nori inside the roll. Rolling a roll in a way so that rice is outside instead of seaweed may seem tricky but I will reveal how it’s done below.  It’s quite simple.  The end product is very tasty and will be a perfect meal or snack.

Prepare sushi rice (Refer to how to make sushi rice.)

1. Put a clear plastic wrap on your bamboo roller.

2. Cut nori in half and put rice on it. Just spread a thin layer of rice. If you put too much, your roll will have too much rice and the balance will be thrown.

3. Flip it over. If you don’t flip this over and put the fish on the rice part and roll it, you will have the nori wrapped outside.

4. Put a tuna slice.

5. Roll it using your bamboo roller.

6. Take the wrap off your roll.

7. Cut the roll. Clean your knife after each slice as necessary.

Enjoy! Have it with wasabi and soy sauce.

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