Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tuna Nigiri Sushi (Maguro)

Tuna is the king of fish.  In Japan, tuna is the most expensive fish and every morning sushi chefs and restaurant owners compete to bid on some of the best quality tuna at Tsukiji Fish Market.  I used to take tuna for granted as the first type of tuna introduced to me was all the canned tuna and to me that was something I would eat when I had nothing better.  Real fresh tuna, on the other hand, is probably the best and most expensive ingredient one can find.  Tuna is so big and there are many different parts that vary greatly in flavors.  The best part is toro – otoro and chutoro.  Namely, they are fatty tuna belly and medium tuna belly.  Maguro is from the back middle part of tuna where it’s more muscular than fatty.  Maguro sushi is used in many different rolls as well.  So making tuna nigiri sushi is same as making salmon or any other nigiri sushi that is essentially a raw piece of fish on rice.  Refer to my other nigiri sushi recipe for details.

1. Prepare sushi rice. (Refer to how to make sushi rice)

2. Cut the tuna. (Refer to how to cut tuna)

3. Put it on the rice.

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