Saturday, April 26, 2008

Steamed Egg

Have you ever noticed this steamed egg dish at a Korean restaurant? It’s a great side dish and normally comes in this hot earthen bowl so it stays hot throughout your meal.  If you like this steamed egg, I have a great news! This is probably the easiest dish you can make.
1. First, you break eggs (two eggs in the picture below) and add chopped green onions, carrots, and red peppers.

2. Add 3 tsp of fish sauce and about a cup of water to your mix. Originally, instead of fish sauce, you add salt-pickled baby shrimps called “Sewoojut”. But I think fish sauce is still a fine substitute.

3. This is the final mixture before steaming.

4. Pour water into your pan and simply place the bowl in the middle.  Water should be enough to be able to cook the mixture but not overflow into the dish.  Steam for about 20 minutes in high heat.  Another thing to note here is that if your bowl doesn't transfer heat as well, you will just need to cook this in a small pot or in one of those earthen Korean bowls directly.

5. That's what it looks like when it's ready.


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