Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spicy Tuna Rolls

Spicy tuna roll is probably the top contender in popularity after California roll in the United States.  Spicy tuna roll is spicy and creamy with flavors I recognize it instantly became my favorite when I first got really into sushi in high school.  Spicy tuna roll is not that difficult to make if you feel comfortable rolling up some sushi rolls with a right tool.  Looking at the pictures below will instantly give you an idea on what to do.  Pictures really are worth thousand words.  This is an inside out roll like California.  I heard that California roll was invented because Americans didn’t really like nori that much and that being the first thing tasted in mouth may not have been a popular concept.
1. Cut fresh tuna into small pieces.

2. Use Sriracha and mayonnaise to mix the tuna.

3. Prepare avocado and cucumber slices (Refer to how to cut avocados)

4. On a 3/4 cut nori (1/2 may be too small for spicy tuna rolls) and thinly spread sushi rice on it. Make sure you put a clear plastic wrap on top of the bamboo roller since you’re making an inside-out roll so the rice won’t stick to your roller.

5. Flip it over to the other side.
6. Put spicy tuna, avocado, and cucumber slices on nori.

7. Roll it using
8. Firmly press around the roll using your bamboo roller to make it into the right shape. If you want to make it into a square shape, press around the roll to make corners.

9. When you cut it, make sure you keep cleaning your knife after each stroke because otherwise the stickiness that gets on the knife blade can prevent clean cutting.


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