Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls

This is a variation of spicy tuna roll recipe except this one is a hand roll. Hand rolls are really fun to make. It can be tricky at first and most people mess up because they do not know how to roll it. It involves a little bit of geometry. You will easily make this if you simply follow the steps below.

Refer to how to make sushi rice.

1. Cut avocados and cucumbers. (Refer to how to cut an avocado.)

2. Cut fresh sushi grade tuna into small pieces.

3. Mix the tuna pieces with Sriracha Chili Sauce. (Refer to the Condiments List for Sriracha Chili Sauce.)
4. Take a 1/2 cut of nori.

5. Put rice on 1/2 side on the nori sheet. Remember to put rice on the less shinny part.

6. Put the condiments along the line below and basically from the tip, you're making a cone shape. You need to roll from the left bottom side and bring the right bottom side nori sheet over and stick onto the other side.
Put the ingredients

Spread a few particles of rice on the top right corner for gluing.

Roll it into a cone like the instruction above and stick the hanging nori to attach it onto the roll. That’s it. Enjoy your Spicy tuna hand roll!

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