Sunday, April 27, 2008

Salmon Delight - Appetizer

This is one of my original ideas and I don’t know how others like it but i thoroughly enjoy this dish.  It’s healthy, fresh and tasty.
1. Cut the salmon. You need some thin and wide pieces as well as long and chunky ones.

2. Now this sauce is a mix of teriyaki sauce, ginger powder, and lemon squeeze. (Refer to Condiments List.)

3. Make a flowery shape on your chopping board and simply transfer the entire thing over using a big kitchen knife and put it on top of the sauce without making a mess.

4. Cut a cucumber into slices. You need half slices. Then put those around the dish.

5. Throw some condiments on top of your salmon. I put some finely cut chives, and nori strips. Use a scissor for concise cutting of tiny pieces like that.

Enjoy this dish and impress your loved ones!

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