Friday, April 4, 2008

North Korean food?

North Korean food is largely unknown to the outside world and largely underrated due to its comparisons to South Korean food. It is said that on the southern tip of Korea, there is a larger emphasis on spicier food selections while on the northern end, there is a tilt toward the traditional. North Korean food is highly popular, for sure, and is categorized in many ways by the cold noodles any time of the year.

Cold noodles in North Korean food

The biggest thing that separates North Korean food from South Korean food is the fact that the North has a large concentration on cold noodles being served at homes and restaurants. Naengmyeon, as they are known, are popular and in Pyeongyang, there are even a multitude of restaurants that specialize in noodle dishes.

The most popular noodle dish served in North Korea is known as mul naengmyeon. This dish is basically a noodle meal served in broth. It is served in a giant metal bowl and it includes cold noodles, cucumbers, thin slices of beef and sometimes a hard-boiled egg. The noodles themselves are made out of sweet potato flour that is made distinctively for the dish.

Traditional dishes still reign in North Korea

While there are certainly more cold noodle based meals found in North Korea as opposed to South Korea, there are also a wealth of traditional dishes abound. North Korean food is in many cases, at least partially, ‘from the sea.’ This means that seafood is incorporated in many of the dishes and the popular seasonings found in many of the recipes are from the ocean as well, such as seaweed (which is used in many North Korean recipes).

Some of the more popular additions to North Korea meals include: Red and green peppers, soy sauce, onions, garlic, ginger, vinegar and wine.

The meals and food in North Korea are very high in quality and include a combination of taste and healthy nutrients.

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