Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zucchini Oyster Pancake

Oyster is one of my favorite things to eat in my life.  I’ve eaten probably hundred dozens of oysters in my life raw, deep fried, baked and you name it.  One day when I was in college, my mom told me she was working on this new recipe she learned from this other Korean lady she was hanging out with.  It turned out to be this delicious oyster Korean pancake with zucchini. Now, I’ve had shrimp and squid on my Korean pancakes before but oyster was a new thing and was quite excited about it.  When I tried it, it was the best Korean pancake I’ve tried.  I mean why didn’t anyone think of putting oysters on that thing before?  So now here I am many years later, I am trying to make this myself in my school apartment.

Ingredients (for one pancake): 1/2 cup of flour, 1/2 water, 1 egg, sliced zucchini, carrot, green onions (or chives), jalapeño, onion (recommended option) and oysters
1. Mix flour with water and make sure there are no big chunks of flour left. When you mix, add more flour if you need to if the mix isn’t very thick. The mix must be thick enough so that it doesn’t break when you flip it but the 50/50 water to flour ratio is good.

2. Prepare vegetables by slicing them thinly and short. For jalapeno peppers, you want to mince them.

3. Add an egg before adding the vegetables. Once the egg is well mixed, add the vegetables to the mix.

4. Cut the oysters into small sizes and add to the mix.

So this is what the final mix looks like and this does not yet look so appetizing but be patient. :)

5. Oil your pan and pour the mix on the pan.

After cooking 2 minutes in high heat, turn to med heat for additional 2 minutes. When it's ready for flipping, it should look like below. Before flipping, make sure the pancake is not stuck to the pan. Use a thin spatula and separate it before flipping.

6. Have a great deal of fun flipping the sucker. It’s really not difficult. But I understand if you wanna take no chance.  You can use a wide spatula.

So after flipping, the bottom side now up should look nice and brown. Cook additional 2-3 minutes on the uncooked side. If you want more brown for crispier texture, cook a little longer.  You can check by slowly lifting the pancake on one side with a spatula to see how brown it is.

7. When it’s ready, put a dish on top of your pan and lift the pan so that the pancake will be on your dish with the good looking side up without any trouble. No more flipping.

All you gotta do now is grub. The first two pictures are when it's normally cooked with 2 minutes of cooking after flipping.

Or you can make it slightly more burned. Personally I like it little burned because it's crispier.

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