Friday, March 14, 2008

Wrapping Meat

Since I live alone, and I value taste and quality of meat and fish, I always wrap them into a one or two person’s portion and freeze them. As soon as I buy a large pack of meat or fish especially from Costo, I take out zipper bags and saran wrap and divide the meat into small portions before freezing them.
Benefits of doing this?
1. No hassle later defrosting the entire pack just to use a small portion.
2. Preserves taste and quality by reducing the number of defrosting.
3. Saves money from being able to buy a large pack.
Shrimp meat

Sausages (individually wrapping sausage is, in the beginning, some work but later I am always glad that I wrapped them whenever I need to take out only one and make a hotdog or something for lunch.

Salmon and other fish. Especially when fresh bought, freezing salmon allows me to make sushi out of it later. (Assuming that the quality of the fish I purchased was pretty good)

Chicken meat. It's so convenient to be able to take out one pack and marinate whatever chicken barbecue I make.

Red meat (whatever steaks, ground beef, or ribs)

So in the end, this is what my freezer looks like. Full of packs of meat and fish.

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