Friday, March 14, 2008

Thai Hot Sauce (Phrik nam pla)

You will find this wonderful and salty Thai chili fish sauce at Thai restaurants.  I love this sauce.  I never thought I would pour fish sauce on my rice but this is different.  The combination of Thai chili and fish sauce makes the world of difference.  Every time I get Thai food, I have to have this sauce.  I supposed this is called phrik nam pla in thai.  The minute I had an idea to make this at home, I’ve been enjoying some of the simplest meals at home (i.e. rice and fried eggs) with this hot sauce. You can easily make this sauce at home.
1. You will need some Thai peppers. They are small and thin like below.  SUPER SPICY!

2. Make sure you wear gloves when touching these peppers because otherwise your hands will be on fire afterwards. They are so spicy!

3. Chop them all.

4. You will needs a squeeze of lemon. Use 1/4 of a lemon and squeeze it all into the sauce.

5. You will need 1 spoon of finely minced garlic.

6. The rest of the sauce will be fish sauce.

7. Pour the fish sauce into the mixture of the peppers, garlic and lemon juice.

Enjoy! Don't eat too much of this thing because it will be too painful.

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