Friday, March 14, 2008

Sesame Noodle Salad

When I was in college, I walked into this new fancy and modern cafe on campus and saw they had pre-packaged sesame noodles like this.  Being a young guy with high metabolism, I thought it was something a girl would eat but my curiosity for its flavor made me get one.  To my surprise, this became one of my favorite snacks since then.  It’s pretty easy to make at home.   You just will need to buy the right dressing and the noodle.
1. This is the kind of noodle you need. It’s buckwheat noodles. You can purchase this from an Asian supermarket or at the Asian section of a big grocery store sometimes.

Noodles come in bundles and one is enough for one male portion (who eats quite a bit).

2. Boil the noodle.

3. While boiling, prepare vegetables. I sliced cucumbers and avocado. They will compliment the fresh flavor of the noodle salad.

4. After about 5 minutes, the water will start foaming up a lot. That's when you know they're ready. Nevertheless, I would still try eating a noodle to see if they're really ready.

Yeah, they expand quite a bit after boiling.

5. So, since this is a "salad" dish, you need to rinse it cold. Make sure the noodles are cold all the way.

6. Put it in a mixing bowl. (You don't have to) Get ready for mixing!

You will need a sesame dressing, sesame vinaigrette, or miso dressing. Any one of the three will taste great. You can use a commercial dressing or make one from scratch. Refer to my other post for the recipe of homemade sesame dressing.

Add some wasabi on top. Don't worry, your noodle won't be spicy after being mixed with other stuff. Add the dressing and some sesame seeds before mixing.

8. For garnish, I cut thin slices of nori (dried seaweed used for sushi rolls).

Enjoy! I think you'll really like this one.

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