Sunday, March 2, 2008

Salmon Skin Rolls - Maki

Making sushi rolls sounds pretty difficult. It could be more work than simple nigiri sushi (a piece of fish on top of rice), but it is much more fun to make rolls. Just follow the steps below. You will understand the entire process just by looking at the pictures.
1. Prepare vegetable slices (avocado, cucumber). Green onion also surprisingly goes really well with salmon skin. Unfortunately, I ran out of green onions today and did not want to walk miles to go to a store.
Peeling avocado is simple. First you cut it in half and take the seed out.

Then you spoon the inside and slice it around from the skin.

Then cucumbers. Cut it in half.

Peel the skin off.

Thinly slice it.

2. Prepare salmon skin by pan frying it.
First, you will want to separate the skin off the meat by putting a knife under the fillet above the skin and slicing it off.

Thinly slice it using a knife. It's very rough so you might want to use a scissor to slice them.

Pan fry them for 1 minute.

3. Now it’s time to roll. You will need nori (sheets of dried seaweed), bamboo roller, sushi rice and all the ingredients prepared in step 1-2.

Put a sheet of dried seaweed on a bamboo roller.
Put a thin layer of rice on the sheet.
Probably on two thirds of the sheet.
Put the ingredients.

And cream cheese!

Stack up ingredients before starting to roll.

As you roll it, make sure the rice part completely wraps around all the ingredients. Roll it tight and leave no space.

Once you complete a circle, you need some rice particles to glue remaining sheet onto the roll.

Flatten the rice particles out with a spoon before gluing the sheet.


4. Cutting it could be a little tricky. You want to hold it down and first cut the roll in half.  Then cut the half into 2 or 3 pieces.  Do the same for the other half.  You want to wipe your knife after you slice each piece using a wet towel because your knife will get sticky.

5. Once again, use low sodium soy sauce.

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