Friday, March 14, 2008

Oriental Grape Salad

After working at our family owned deli shop for many years during college, I experimented with various fruits on a salad and found out that green grapes go really well with salads. So I created this Asian grape salad. I must say that this was pretty good.  The sweetness and freshness of the green grapes definitely added to the salad.
1. Cut Lettuce.

2. Tomatoes (optional)

3. Carrots (optional)

4. Grapes (a must!)

5. For salad dressing, there are a few choices you can use depending on what the store has. I used this Japanese Traditional Vinaigrette. You can also use oriental sesame dressing, or Japanese miso dressing.

6. Mix them up!

7. Put the sliced grapes and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top. You can also add sliced chicken breasts, and Chinese noodle crackers on top if you have them.

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