Sunday, March 2, 2008

Marinated Korean Beef Barbecue

For Korean barbecue, beef is my favorite.  Naturally I like kalbi and bulgogi.  But how about more of an easy and quick version?  Korean bbq can be as easy as you want it to be.  I like to buy boneless ribs and eat it many different ways but I like to marinate them in my quick Korean barbecue sauce.
1. First, purchase boneless ribs or rib steaks from a butchery. I bought mine from Costco. They have pretty good quality meat.
How thinly you want to slice will depend on following factors – how much time you have for marinating, whether you like thicker or thinner cuts, or if your meat is slightly frozen.

2. The marinate sauce includes 1) teriyaki sauce, 2) sesame oil, 3) minced garlic, and 4) sugar. For better flavors, you can add grated pear and onion into the mix.
For marinating sliced meat, it should take 2-3 hours before it’s fully marinated.

However, if you decide to marinate big chunks (steak size), try to leave them in the marinade at least overnight.

3. The fun part is cooking. I wish I lived in a house with a backyard because then I could grill them on a BBQ grill. It will taste so much better cooked in open fire.  When your meat is somewhat thick, cook them in high heat first to seal the juice and then in lower heat.

5. I like mine medium.

It's ready. Enjoy!

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