Friday, March 14, 2008

Kimchi Roll

Kimchi roll is definitely something unusual and different for most people. I don’t know if this is just my thing but I remember enjoying it as a kid.  One time my parents got into a fight and my dad had to cook me dinner.  I asked him what was for dinner and he said sushi rolls.  I was like, “Wow, that’s cool, dad!” He was in the kitchen chopping some stuff and then came back out with some funky looking rolls.  He told me they were kimchi rolls.  I was pretty dubious but to my surprise, they were really really good.
I wanted to make the same roll but I tweaked a little bit by adding some elements of California rolls.  That way more people can relate to it!
1. First, you need some leftover kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae).

2. Slice them thinly like blow.

3. Prepare cucumber and avocado in a sliced form. Refer to the salmon skin roll recipe for details of cutting and slicing cucumbers and avocado.

4. You will need a "nori" or "gim" which is a dried seaweed for sushi rolls.

5. Thinly spread sushi rice over the nori. Again, refer to other sushi section for making sushi rice.

6. Place your ingredients. For a kick, I added some cream cheese, but it's upto you.

7. Roll it up. Although I used a bamboo sushi roller, I often roll without such device and it still turns out quite ok.

8. Place some rice and squeeze them down with a spatula on the edge as glue.

9. Ready to cut.

10. Cutting is a bit tricky. You need to constantly apply some water on your knife blade since the inside is sticky and the rice and cheese being stuck to your blade can slow down the process. Apply pressure on the roll with your fingers right next to where you're cutting so it will not disfigure the shape.

Enjoy :)

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