Sunday, February 17, 2008

Welcome to Home Cooking Diary!

Hi everyone, my name is Peter. I thought I would start this blog because I am so in love with cooking and wanted to share some helpful tips and my joy to whoever visiting this site. Being a student over in a countryside where there is only Safeway in 30 minutes of walking distance from home, I started cooking at home nearly everyday for last couple of years. Although I don't know how to make even most cultural food out there, I can make a good list of mostly Asian and Italian food. And let me tell you, my food is quite good. I am a Korean American living in the US, so for those who love Korean food, I can provide some helpful recipes to try at home. But my cooking is not limited to Korean but also includes Italian, Japanese, and etc so you won't get so bored after all!

The way I view cooking is not practicing a boring science with strict measuring unit system and manufacturing an identical factory-made food all the time. I call that a chemistry lab work, far from a creating experience! I get so turned off by those boring lists of units of ingredients and the procedure when I look up online recipes. I want to try and post recipes with lots of photos so that you can be more engaged by watching the process, because for me, just imagining the process in my head was pretty difficult and sometimes I failed many times trying to reproduce the food from a boring recipe list. Stay tuned and I will keep updating.
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