Friday, February 29, 2008

Green Onion Salad (Pah Juh Ri)

Green onion salad? Better not be for breakfast or lunch. It does actually goes really well with Korean barbecues though. In fact, you will always get this dish in one form or another at a Korean barbecue joint.  So you wanna make some Korean barbecue at home?  Why not add this as a side dish.  It’s very simple to make.

1. First, clean some green onions with water. You will need to chop off the heads.

2. Cut them. Using a sharp knife tip, slice the leaf vertically and chop them off horizontally into three sections like the picture below.

3. So in the end, it will look like this.

4. You need thinly ground Korean chili powder (how much is enough for you?), sesame oil (2 tsp), a pinch of sugar, and a drizzle of vinegar. I would use either rice wine vinegar or apple vinegar to augment the fresh flavors. I’ve also used lemon vinegar and worked like a charm.

5. Mix them all up.

Ready to eat!

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